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CV de Superintendent E&I / SUPERINTENDANT, cherche un emploi de SUPERVISEUR INSTRUMENTATION / ELECTRICITE / : cv

Superintendant Electricite/ Instrumentation en construction et/ou commissionning

Code CV : 81fcca2e62effa37
Date de dernière connexion : 2018-11-17

Monsieur Vi... L...
24250 La Chapelle-Pechaud

Situation actuelle:
Secteur d'activité actuel : Oil & Gas
Taille de l'entreprise : + de 1000 salariés
Fonction actuelle : Superintendent E&I
Nombre d'années à ce poste : 1 à 2 ans
Nombre de personnes sous mes ordres : 21 à 50 personnes
Salaire annuel : 120000.00 EUR
Expérience Totale : + de 15 ans
Disponibilité : Disponibilité immédiate
Poste recherché:
Secteur d'activité: Oil & Gaz, Nucleaire, autres

Type de contrat souhaité: CDI, CDD, CDD Intermittent, Interim, Agent
Temps de travail souhaité: Temps plein, Temps partiel, En alternance, Travail le WE
Salaire Annuel Minimum / Souhaité: 80000.00 / 120000.00 EUR
Etudes :
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+2
Dernier diplome : BTS CIRA
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+2
Autres Formations :
BAC F3 (Electrotechnique)
BTS CIRA (Regulation et Instrumentation)

Mobilité :
Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux

Anglais : Langue de travail

CV :

Monsieur Vi... L
24250 La Chapelle-Pechaud




➢ Control Systems, Instrumentation, Automation, Electrical.

➢ Studies, Quality Control, Construction, Pre commissioning, Commissioning
Areas of expertise:

➢ Supervision of details engineering and field engineering➢ Supervision of construction➢ Supervision of QA/QC Inspection of Instrumentation and Electrical systems➢ Supervision of pre-commissioning, commissioning ➢ Supervision of subcontractors and vendorsrepresentatives➢ Management within international environment.

➢ Electrical certifications: H2V / B2V / HC / BC / BR➢ BOSIET➢ Electrical Inspector level II (EIRA - AREVA)
Control systems knowledge:

➢ Controls Systems (DCS, ICSS, F&G, Vibrations…): Yokogawa, Honeywell, Foxboro, Fisher-Emerson Delta V, Triconex, Bentley Nevada, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Alan Bradley, Télémécanique…➢ Electrical Control Systems and distribution (LV / HV): Power Management System ➢ Cryogenic Technologies (refrigeration and liquefaction)for Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen➢ Building technologies (access control, CCTV, HVAC, Telecom…)➢ Safety systems (EDG, UPS, batteries rooms, F&G and Fire fighting Systems, HIPS…)

Softwares basic knowledge:

➢ Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)➢ Microsoft Project➢ AutoCAD, Micro station, S4i, Inter graph (Intools, Smartsketch…),Cosman➢ Prodom, PDMS, SAP, ICAPS


TOTAL RC Belgium – Antwerp – from 07/2015 – 31/05/2017
Inspector QA/QC E&I.
Quality Control representative for all lots of TOTAL OPTARA project (Total Antwerp Refinery)
Ensure that the electrical and instrumentation installation at site is in full compliance with Project Specifications,
approved project drawings and European & Belgian regulations. Make sure that Contractor and Subcontractors fully
comply with Construction Quality requirements.
Review the Project procedures for incorporation of Quality requirements for electrical and instrumentation.
Ensure the correct installation and testing of electrical and instrumentation systems by Contractor in accordance with Project Quality Plan, Inspection & Test Plans (ITP), specific procedures, approved engineering documentation
Review Contractor inspection, testing and surveillance reports including back up data for content, validity and compliance with Project requirements (ITP)
Conduct final walkthroughs for mechanical completion and raise punches of defects as per Opercom methodology.
Ensure required Quality records and documents for final dossier are properly prepared , maintained, filed and completed in due time by Contractors.
Participate / attend in the assessment of construction E & I activity . Perform regular informal assessment of selected elements / processes of the contractor quality system on own initiative and document observations
Recommendation of solutions to construction problems and violations and where required consult with the assigned specialist in the engineering department.
Inspection and /or Verification of inspection and testing implemented in accordance with quality plan , ITPs and ICAPS check sheets – test sheets.
Control & record nonconforming work activities through the implementation of the non-conformance control procedure. Follow non conformity records (NCR) up to the closure.

TOTAL E&P Congo - Pointe Noire –01/2013 up to 31/12/2014
Electricity & Instrumentation Superintendent on New Projects Construction Department (DPTN).
Directing all phases of integration for multiple projects (HSE, cost estimation, basic and detail engineering, bidding, cost control, MTO, construction, quality Inspection and audits of subcontractors , precommissioning, commissioning, lessons learned: HV transformers, subsea power cable, fire fighting systems (FM200), F&G upgrading, Air instrument compressors and skids, chemical skids, water injection pumps, control room, PCI wells, Hydraulic Process Unit, High Integrity Protective Systems...
Interdisciplinary coordination and interfacing with Company Site Representatives ( RLO, ARO, KOM, DFA, Close Out Reports...)
Supervision of contractors and vendors representatives during SIMOPS operations with production and drilling rigs.

TOTAL E&P Gabon - Port-Gentil – 10/2011 => 02/2012
Electricity & Instrumentation Superintendent on AnguilleRedeveloppement Project.
Supervision of integration, connection (Electrical / HVAC / Instrumentation / Fire & Gas).
Ensure the successful completion of construction operations / integration in compliance with engineering documents,
technical specifications, procedures, Quality Controls, safety and environmental protection,
Monitor the contractors activities for integration work.
Monitor connection work of PréCommissionning, Commissionning and Start-up.

AREVA – Olkiluotou – Finlande – 11/2009 Þ 02/2011
Group Leader QA/QC ( Electrical - Instrumentation –Controls) for the construction of EPR nuclear reactor OL3.
Supervision of inspections of E-I-C in accordance with technical specifications and Quality Inspection Plan of OL3 project.
Editing, comments, review of QC documentation (General Inspection Plan, Final Inspection Plan, Inspection Test Plan,
Inspection Guides for subcontractors assesment).
Assist in review of construction procedures (Engineering doc reviewer).
Assist in review of field engineering for Electrical and Instrumentation technical documentation.
Attend and lead inspections for Electrical and Instrumentation equipments during construction activities of EPC contractors: reception and storage at warehouse, supports prefabrication in workshops, cable trays erection, touch up painting,
cable pulling, HV and LV electrical equipments installation (switchgears, breakers transformers, UPS, batteries,
ICSS cabinets, Telecom, Building technologies, CCTV, HVAC, polar cranes, temporary power supply, skids and packages...) earthing grid for civil works, earthing of equipments, cathodicprotection, cables connecting and testing (continuity,meggering,
HV test), Instrumentation installation of Nuclear Island (reactor)and utilities.
Issuance and follow-up of non conformities reports : Non Conformance Report, Condition Report, Clarification Requests…
Punch list edition and tracking of clearances.

TOTAL E&P Congo - Pointe Noire – 05/2008 Þ 05/2009
Electricity & Instrumentation supervisor on New ProjectsConstruction Department to supervise contractors (Dietsmann, Cegelec, SPIE…) during engineering, construction and commissioning phases on Total rigs (25 platforms).
Surveys, design specifications, MTOs, supervision of detailsengineering, inspections and audits of subcontactors during construction and commissioning activities on offshore Total platforms: integration in SIMOPS of new wells (oil producers, Gas lifting, Water Injection, Gas Injection), integration of electrical cabins (PCI wells), installation of High Integrity Protective Systems, upgrading of ICSS, installation of subsea power cable...
Technical support for maintenance during planned shutdowns.
Control Systems: Emerson (Provox/DeltaV), Triconex, GE-Fanuc, Siemens, HIPS Yokogawa…

TOTAL E&P Yemen - Kharir Block 10 – YEMEN – 04/2007Þ10/2007
Instrumentation & Control Maintenance Superintendent on Oil field equipments (Central Process Units, Self Contained
Process Facilities, Wells…).
Management of maintenance teams (Instrumentation and Automation)
Participation in operation risk analysis for the development and integration of new CMMS (D7i)
Analysis of failures, trouble shooting recommendations on major breakdowns.
Planning, procurement and supervision of work during scheduled shutdowns.
Assessments and training of personnel.

TOTAL E&P Angola - Lobito - ANGOLA –11/2005 Þ02/2007
Electricity & Instrumentation Supervisor on TOTAL-ROSA project for the construction of 2 modules tointegrate on the FPSO Girassol.
Total representative at the Engineering and design department of Amec Spie for verifications and comments on engineering documents of the whole Hook-Up ROSA project
Supervision of the construction, quality control and precommissioning of modules in Angola.

AIR LIQUIDE - Ras Laffan - QATAR - 02/2005 Þ 07/2005
Electricity & Instrumentation Supervisor for the commissioning of one Helium’s liquefaction plant.
Instrumentation calibration (transmitters, chromatographicanalyzers, safety valves), preparation of tests packs and commissioning procedures, loops tests supervision, functional tests (SAT of DCS, UPS, cold compressors startup sequences, ESD…)
Control Systems: DCS Foxboro, IPS and F&G Triconex, Vibration Monitoring System Bently Nevada.
Chromatographs Orthodyne/Teledyne, Instrumentation Rosemount.

SAIPEM - Hazira - INDIA –08/2004 Þ 12/2004
Instrumentation Supervisor on Hazira’s LNG project for the commissioning of a LNG port and terminal.
(LNG reception, unloading, loading, storage, regasification facilities and send out). Capacity: 2/5 MTPA.
Supervision of loops checks and functional tests (start sequences, alarms, trips, Emergency Shut Down) on the whole site (jetty, storage, process, utilities)
Supervision of troubleshooting and modifications during commissioning operations.
Commissioning of packages units in association with packages vendor’s representatives:
Three Gas Turbine Generator, 5 MW each, dual gas/diesel Siemens (Typhoon); Boil off Gas compressors;
Submerged Combustion Vaporizer; Vibration Monitoring System (PLC Bently Nevada); Tanks Leak
Detection System (fiber optic) ; F&G and PA/GA systems ; MECI gas metering and analyzer systems, Whessoe tank level/temperature/density measurements systems, Pressure Safety Valves of cryogenics tanks.
Systems: DCS/ IPS/ F&G Yokogawa Blue star and console Centum CS 3000, Power Management System Siemens S7, Instrumentation Yokogawa.

ENTREPOSE CONTRACTING - Kaduna - NIGERIA - 03/2004 Þ 06/2004
Instrumentation Supervisor for revamping project of the FCCU (Fuel Catalyst Cracking Unit) of one refinery
Instrumentation commissioning and loops checking of a Raw Water Intake.

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) - Geneva - SWITZERLAND - 01/2003 Þ 03/2004
Operation team leader on cryogenics tests benches of CERN for homologate super conducting cryomagnets
of the particle accelerator LHC.
System: pcvue, labview, Windows NT, PLCs Siemens S5
Cryogenic benches: Cryogenic turbine Helium 1,9°K (Air Liquide), 12 Cryogenic Feed Box Helium 4°K (Air Liquide), helium liquefiers 18 kW and 6 kW (Linde), primary and secondary roots pumps (Leybold)
Ultra-vacuum: roots and turbo molecular pumps, leaks detectors Alcatel …

Instrumentation Supervisor for the revamping of one refinery: supervision of dismantling, repairing, calibration
of control and safety valves. PID diagram / process checks.
Control valves (2 - 400 bars) Nuevo Pignonne, Masoneilan, instrumentation Rosemount and Yokogawa.

NORELEC - Abidjan – IVORY COAST - 03/2002 Þ 05/2002
Instrumentation Supervisor for the commissioning of an automation and control system of one refinery
(DCS Foxboro / IPS Triconex): commissioning of the control room, loops checks, technical assistance
during the start up.

INEO - South West of France - 15/09/2001 Þ 15 /12/2001
Electro technical Supervisor (materials reception, work management…): pumping stations, cogeneration plant, paper mill, perfumes factory…

STESA (THALES) - Ras Tanura – SAUDI ARABIA - 24/02/ 2001 Þ 30/06/2001
Power supervisor in charge to lead 8 maintenance technicians of security systems for refineries and LNG plants
Saudi Aramco (3 refineries, 1 LNG, 1 pipelines dispatching unit).
Siemens HV/LV power distribution equipment (transformers, switchgears, breakers, diesel generators, UPS…) and Thomsonelectronic devices (CCTV, capacitive fences, security systems in control room…)

Divers works in western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia):
June1998 Þ June1999: tree planter, fireman, electronicianfor laser diodes manufacturer (Vancouver Island), electrician on boats in Victoria’s marina.

FALCONBRIDGE – Raglan - CANADA (far North of Quebec) - 01/02/1998 Þ 30/03/1998
Instrumentation technician for the commissioning of a nickel and platinum mine (DCS Modicon).
Troubleshooting activities at the «millwright» for the instrumentation department during the start-up.

C.R.I.Q. (Center of Industrial Research of Quebec) - Montreal - CANADA - - 10/10/1997Þ 31/03/1998
Realization of functional tests of electronic appliances in environment simulation rooms.
Cold rooms monitoring, programming of tests procedures (Omron, Allen Bradley), data acquisition and
interpretation (temperature, pressure, hygrometry), tests reports editing.

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)-Switzerland) - Geneva - 03/01/1997Þ 31/03/1997
Electro technician on high power amplificators and distribution feeders of a particle accelerator (SPS).

UTAC (Tests and Control Department) - Montléry - 01/09/1994 Þ30/12/1994
Tests Technician for the anti-pollution department.
Setting of opacity measurement prototypes and realization of validation tests on rolling test bench in view
of homologate opacity measurement appliances of European manufacturers (Sagem, Bosh, Facom, Technotest …).
Work with the acoustic department for tests processing.

RENAULT (Direction of Tests) - Paris (Lardy) - 17/03/1993Þ18/06/1993
Maintenance of test benches for the anti-pollution department (12 analogic benches, 12 digital benches):
- Horiba analysis cabinets: gas analyzers (HC, NOx, CO, CO2, O2), automated micro valves web flowing,
data acquisition processor (IBM / Masscomp).
- electronic driving simulators (air sliding and road binding frictions simulations).
- rolling benches (generator with Foucault current braking): standards, barometric, shed, 4x4…
Study and construction of improvements on analogic benches (automatic calibration of pollutant gases analyzers).

HONEYWELL - Paris - 12/02/1996 Þ 30/09/1996
Technician on Honeywell TGC systems (data processing, instrumentation and control, air-conditioning):
commissioning, troubleshooting and optimization of DCS systems on major buildings in Paris (Radio France,
Canal+, Eurodysney, Operas of Paris, UNESCO, Ministry of defense, of transports, CNRS, CEA…)

POULAIN - Blois – 11/1995 and 12/1995​
Maintenance technician on chocolate production lines.

FOULD SPRINGER - Paris - 08/1995
Instrumentation Technician: wiring and calibration of instruments for agro-alimentary processes.

CEA - Bordeaux - 07/1995
Wiring of the electronic drive of a proton collider.

SPIE TRINDEL - Bordeaux - 06/1995
Electro technician: installation of the instrumentation of an oil-platform (Elf Congo - N’Kossa).

SBE (General Electric) - Paris – 01/1993 and 02/1993
Technician in the method service for the manufacturing of electronic cards of medical appliances (scanners, echography…).

EI - Bergerac - 08/1991
Electro technician: automation of a paper mill unit (electricity, instrumentation, automation)

SOFERTI (training period of BTS) - Bordeaux - 01/06/1990 Þ30/09/1990
Automation project for sulfate alumna production unit.
Study and commissioning of one ph control of a fertilizers washing column.
Technician: calibration and synchronization of control loops on fertilizers (granulators, mills,) and
acids process (phosphoric, sulfuric, Oleum, chlorhydric).


1991: BTS CIRA (Industrial Control and Process Automation) at Toulouse.
1989: BACCALAUREAT F3 (Electro technical) at Marmande


Age: 46 years old
Nationality: French
Languages: English current (including technical terms)​

Lettre de candidature

Monsieur Vi... L
24250 La Chapelle-Pechaud

Superintendant Electricite/ Instrumentation en construction et/ou commissionning

Je recherche un poste de Inspecteur / Superviseur / Superintendant Instrumentation ou E & I pour la construction et/ou le commissionning d'unites dans le domaine de l'Oil & Gaz / Eau / nucléaire / cryogénie

Monsieur Vi... L...

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