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Offre d'emploi de Trainer - Defense Weapons Manufacturer : Offre d'emploi

Trainer - Defense Weapons Manufacturer

Work Location : Orleans France
Type of Assignment : Contract
Training : 1 Month
Contract Duration : 6 Months
Status : Resident
Sector : Defense – Weapons Manufacturer
Working Schedule : 5 days / 8 hours per week

Job Purpose :
As part of a Technology Transfer of a rocket to Asia, the client oversees training of the foreign customer on the production line of the product (about 7 people).
In this training, the client wishes to subcontract the organization and implementation of this service.
The training will be in French with media written in English. It will cover the aspects production operations, process, maintenance, quality, and production management.

Mission :
The service provider will be part of the project team on our premises and will provide support to the methods engineer to set up the organization of the training, the adapted supports, and contribute to the training phase with the client planned in June 2019. It will be supported on the methodology and the new means / technical solutions to implement in the framework of T2M Academy. The missions will be as follows

Formulate the detailed training plan that defines the schedule, the content, the speakers, the practical elements Realize training materials of types: scales, slides of presentation, video, chart of follow-up . Piloting the training phase: monitoring the schedule, soliciting resources, supervising the workers and people to be trained
15 years of experience. Good knowledge of production operations and the industrial environment. Training management experiences with foreign clients. Mastery of the media and current means of communication. Organized and pedagogue. Capacity for analysis and synthesis. Initiative and proactive spirit. Proficiency in written English.
Responsibilities :
Someone who is not going to take the training himself but who will train the trainers. The person will ride the training course. he does not need to have technical skills. this will be brought to him by the client. There will be 1 month of true formation, and the time before will be only allocated for preparation of the course. training materials must be in English.

Contrat : CDI

Pays sous le droit duquel le contrat de travail sera signé : Royaume-Uni

Temps de travail : Temps plein

Lieu du poste : France fr

Caractéristiques du candidat idéal : Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+3
Poste accessible aux personnes sans qualification
Poste accessible aux personnes sans experience

Langue :
Anglais : Intermédiaire

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